Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just Desserts

I’ve been known to have something of a sweet tooth, a trait that definitely runs in my family. So I can think of plenty of people who’d love to dig into one of the cakes made by Rubicon Bakery. The bakery’s part of Rubicon Programs, a Richmond, California–based nonprofit that provides employment, job training, and other support services for people who are disabled, homeless, or otherwise economically disadvantaged.

This holiday season, Williams-Sonoma will be selling the bakery’s 12-layer chocolate cake ($69.95), coconut lemon layer cake ($59.95), and gourmet marshmallows ($14.95, pictured above) through its catalog and online. Proceeds from the tasty treats help Rubicon create jobs for people with barriers to employment, such as the formerly incarcerated and those overcoming addictions. So there’s no reason to feel guilty about eating these desserts during the holidays.


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